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Unleash the power of your brain 

Your brain is incredible. So are you.

BrainFiT® Neurofeedback was born following first-hand experience of the benefits of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training, an understanding and belief in the incredible healing power of the brain, and a genuine passion to help others to be their best.

As working parents with a background in advertising and participants in competitive sport, we understand the pressures of modern-day life, especially in high performance environments, juggling the expectations of the job and the needs of family—we've felt the impact of stress and anxiety on our own personal mental health and well-being. The pandemic highlighted how vulnerable we all are, regardless of age, status or profession, and how easy it is to slip into depression and be overwhelmed by change, or simply worn down by challenges we face day to day.

Training with NeurOptimal® has had a positive impact across all areas of our lives, and because it brings so many unique benefits, we know it will help you too. Regardless of where you are starting from, NeurOptimal® will work with you and help your brain make the changes that are right for you.


Your brain is incredible, and so are you. We're ready to help you discover your potential and be your best you.  Are you?

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