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NeurOptimal® brain training supports learning and development and helps to create better interactions within families

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback aims to help individuals improve emotional, behavioural and cognitive functioning by promoting optimal brain regulation and function, and this can have a huge impact on families training together. 

Some of the most reported relevant benefits for families include:

Improved relationships

People who have ongoing interactions and relationships with each other can greatly benefit from using NeurOptimal®. As each person in the group advances with their training, they tend to notice a shift in the dynamics and harmony of the group. People get along better, there are fewer outbursts and communication is clearer between the members.


Focus & Concentration

An optimally functioning brain can help with focus, engagement and increasing attention span. Students of all ages learn faster and more effectively and more of what is learned is retained. Parents report that their child’s brain tends to function more optimally the more they train, while teachers notice a shift in classroom behaviour. The NeurOptimal® process helps children to learn a different method of functioning at their best when training with NeurOptimal®, enhancing all aspects of their development.


Not only for those who struggle

Because Neurofeedback training supports the organic learning process by assisting with concentration and mental focus, students who are already doing well at school also use NeurOptimal® as a critical tool to continually improve their artistic and sports performances. NeurOptimal® is 100% drug free and has no known side effects.

School is not the only place where parents notice shifts in their children when using NeurOptimal®. Clients report better sleep, increased sports performances, better peer relations, less reactivity to difficult situations, less arguing and resistance, and an overall increase in happiness, sense of self and maturity level. Clients also report better decision-making skills in teenagers.

Reduces anxiety and helps with stress management

It's not just the children in families who need help right?! Training with NeurOptimal® benefits the whole family. It increases brain flexibility, which makes us stronger and more resilient, better able to adapt to, and cope with, changes around us. This helps us to be more calm, less anxious and much better at fighting stress, which are essential qualities for facing the challenges of everyday life.

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