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Add value with NeurOptimal® 

Advanced neurofeedback brain training for your business or practice

Add value to your clients and your business with the world's most advanced clinical-grade neurofeedback brain training technology

From psychology to general practice, naturopathic to homoeopathic, health and fitness to meditation and personal transformation, NeurOptimal® can provide a powerful and often life-changing boost that can both enhance and sustain health and wellbeing breakthroughs, rehabilitation and advancement. In many cases, the fact that there are so many potential benefits with no drug concerns, contraindications or side effects, using NeurOptimal® alongside traditional or complementary therapies and services can only positively add to the general health experience and healing processes of your clients.

Build strength & resilience

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Neurofeedback brain training with NeurOptimal® develops mental strength and resilience by helping the brain to become more effective and efficient in the way it processes information and transitions from state to state. When processing the millions of pieces of information the brain receives each second, the quicker, more effective and more efficient that processing becomes, the greater the brain’s ability to deal with instantaneous and longer-term changes in a more effective and organised manner.


This has the overall benefit in helping us to become more resilient in the face of seen and unseen changing and challenging situations and to process information from

our body and sensory activities with greater speed, presence and accuracy, without unnecessary delays. This all leads to greater mental strength and clarity, which facilitates better decision making and helps us to better cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Support change

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NeurOptimal® brain training naturally supports change in a number of powerful and helpful ways. It can help reduce anxiety, increase mental strength and resilience, reduce unwanted background mental noise, and can help us operate from a more grounded and present state so that we are better able to see the reality of changing situations and to have the strength, focus and clarity to work through them.


Coming to terms with permanent life changes can be extremely mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging. Operating from a more grounded, present and relaxed state can help us to face and manage the process of change with greater clarity and optimism.

With a more balanced brain chemistry, we can physically and emotionally better cope with the everyday process of change. Operating from a more grounded, present state, we can see, with greater perspective, the reality of our life situations. With greater mental strength and resilience, we can make decisions and better cope with those changing realities more effectively and less stressfully.   

Accelerate rehabilitation & recovery

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Rehabilitation and recovery are whole-body affairs. Oftentimes, it is the mental and emotional recovery which lag behind physical recovery and which directly affect the whole recovery and rehabilitation process. It doesn’t matter what you are recovering or rehabilitating from, stronger and more effective mental and emotional resilience and processing capabilities are essential for an accelerated return to a healthy norm or in the adaption to a new norm through change.


As with the process of change, increased mental and emotional strength and resilience can aid the process of rehabilitation and recovery by increasing levels of determination and the desire to achieve the best outcomes in any given situation.

Regular brain training with NeurOptimal® non-invasively and powerfully helps your brain to achieve optimal operational conditions which are as unique to you as your brain is. Using NeurOptimal® alongside all other forms of rehabilitation can only add to the recovery process and can also provide you with permanent positive shifts and changes that last well after the rehabilitation process has come to an end.

Easy to integrate and complementary to all other treatments, therapies and wellbeing practices, NeurOptimal® offers many business benefits


For your clients

  • A 100% safe and effective tool that can enhance the health and well-being of your clients.

  • Powerful, clinical-grade, cutting-edge technology that is complementary to all other treatments, drug-based therapies and health and wellbeing practices.

  • Non-diagnostic. No need for protocols to define the process since NeurOptimal® works with each brain in the same way and the brain responds in the way that is uniquely right for each user, thus making it suitable for adults and children of all ages and not limited by condition or medical history.

  • A natural, drug-free and holistic boost that can assist in overcoming client addictions, chronic anxiety, mood and brain chemistry imbalances, energy and sleep issues, day-to-day fears and limiting or destructive behaviours, spectrum disorder management and correction, manage and reduce the effects of natural brain function deterioration and degeneration, help with the process of change and in coming to terms with aspects of life or clinical diagnoses, a powerful aid in motivational life change and transformation and finding peace, presence and tranquillity from mind noise and busy lives.

  • A natural change process which is as unique to each client as they are and which is automatically tailored and controlled by the brain’s own needs and optimising processes, without the need for external diagnosis or validation.

  • Proven results with people of all ages and walks of life.

  • A technology which empowers and supports clients by including them in their own healthcare journeys.

For your business

  • 0% finance on all system purchases over 12 and 24 months.

  • Competitive 'unlimited' business rental packages fully supported by your team at BrainFiT®.

  • Financial models that support the investment and payback processes.

  • UK-based professional certification training and ongoing technical support for your practice and NeurOptimal® practitioners.

Buy NeurOptimal® or rent a system for professional use. Either way, we'll support you in maximising the benefits and return for your clients and your business. 

As the official NeurOptimal® representatives and leading authority on NeurOptimal® in the UK, BrainFiT® have the experience, understanding and knowledge to help you integrate NeurOptimal® within your business or practice so that everyone can benefit from day one. As the UK’s leading resource for NeurOptimal®, BrainFit® also offer official professional certification training and can support you in maximising the benefits and return for your clients and practice in offering NeurOptimal® system sessions and rentals.

BrainFiT® are here to support you every step of the way. We can show you potential business investment models, help you through the purchasing process and then give you the training and ongoing technical and business support that you need to make NeurOptimal® integration a success for your clients and practice, year on year.

Join our UK training community and be part of a team that are passionate about changing lives.


Shared resources & marketing

With the backing and full support of the parent company Zengar® and with direct access to a team of NeurOptimal® experts in Canada, we are committed to supporting other trainers in the UK who are passionate about the many benefits that training your brain with NeurOptimal® can bring.

If you'd like to be part of a team who can support and help you grow your business and whom share a collective vision that will help us grow and reach and transform more lives in the UK, then please do get in touch.   
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