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Dynamic Neurofeedback
Brain Training

Your brain is the centre of your central nervous system. It is a sophisticated command and control centre that is responsible for controlling ALL the other systems in your body.

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about physical, mental, or emotional states of being, your brain is responsible for it all. It receives and processes information from your body and the environment and enables you to process and store information and respond appropriately, most of it automatically and without your conscious awareness.

And this is all made possible by a vast and wonderful neural network called the central nervous system.

It is estimated that the human brain has 15-33 billion neurons and each neuron may have as many as 100,000 synaptic connections. This is vastly more complex than the entire World Wide Web and yet it all exists inside your head! Neurons communicate within this enormous network using electrical signals which pulse at specific frequencies like a strobe light and engage in almost magical dances across groups. It is this larger dance that is reflected in the electrical changes measured on the scalp which we commonly call brainwaves.

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It all starts with your brain

Your brain is continuously striving to create the best experience for you, self-regulating and adapting to improve it's performance. However, when it's not working efficiently, it can impact many areas of our health and well-being.

Neurofeedback can help the brain improve it's performance by providing feedback on it's activity. This helps the brain understand and regulate what it is doing and to use that information to adapt and function more optimally.
In most cases, this process involves the use of high-grade sensors and technology to detect and monitor the brain's electrical activity on the scalp, and to identify areas of under or over activity. Essentially, neurofeedback is a way to train brain activity.

Proven to be successful, neurofeedback has been used by professional athletes and top-tier organisations for decades as a way to get ahead.

Although traditional (linear) methods involve a diagnosis and a trained practitioner to instruct the brain the brain what to do, t
he cutting-edge technology from NeurOptimal® offers a much easier, safer and more effective way to train your brain, which is accessible to all, without the need for diagnosis.


Neurofeedback is a way of providing information to the brain so it can adjust itself to function more optimally


Unique Dynamic Neurofeedback from NeurOptimal® 

Thanks to the significant developments in neurotechnology BrainFiT® are proud to offer a dynamic and wholistic approach to brain training for all with our partners NeurOptimal® - the worlds first and only dynamic neurofeedback brain training system designed for both professional, and home use.  

This innovative technology harnesses the brains own dynamic learning capability so your brain can help itself

The NeurOptimal® system, designed by clinical psychologists, neuro scientists, engineers and mathematicians, uses a unique algorithm and cutting-edge neurotechnology that communicates directly with the central nervous system in a way that increases neural plasticity and trains the brain. Instead of telling the brain what to do, as in more traditional methods, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback takes advantage of the brain’s natural dynamical learning processes by giving the brain the information it needs to do the work itself. It detects and monitors brain electrical activity across multiple frequencies and provides your brain with the information it needs to re-organise and adjust itself, moment by moment, as you sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Furthermore, since every brain is unique, the system automatically and instantly adapts to the natural terrain and characteristics of your brain so that training is personalised for you
making it a more balanced and efficient way of training that brings many positive benefits, and often new competencies, to the user. This results in greater resilience and flexibility, helping you be your best - easily, simply and naturally.

Neurofeedback brain training for the whole family

Over 4 million hours of safe and effective usage worldwide

BrainFiT® are excited to offer NeurOptimal® training in the UK, for all. With now over 4 million hours of usage and no reported side effects, it's both safe and effective. Because it's a training not a treatment, it's suitable for home use as well. Get in touch today to find out how BrainFiT® can help you be your Best You.

Cutting-edge technology

100% safe & non-invasive

4M+ hours of safe and effective usage

Designed for professional & home use

NeurOptimal Advanced neurofeedback systems

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*Currently available to clients based in London and the South East

NeurOptimal® Official UK Representatives
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