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NeurOptimal being used by the office employees


When our brains function optimally, we find it easier to perform tasks, which increases productivity and our overall performance. Training your brain improves neural plasticity, which also makes us stronger and more resilient because we adapt more easily. 

Employees are the most important attribute to a company’s success. Fighting off stress, thinking clearly, being productive and having clear focus is crucial for anyone in a team. BrainFiT® Neurofeedback offers a tangible way to manage the mental well-being of your staff that not only improves the performance and efficiency of teams but also drives longevity in the work environment by helping individuals to be in the best condition to respond to the pressures they face, maintaining them at their best.

Neurofeedback helps professionals within the workplace in many ways. Some of the benefits include:

  • Mental clarity,

  • Improved focus and concentration,

  • Feeling stronger and more resilient,

  • Faster recall of stored information,

  • Less performance anxiety,

  • Improved interactions within teams,

  • Better stress management,

  • Increased productivity,

  • Better able to juggle multiple tasks,

  • Encourages creativity.


Whether you're an individual hoping to enhance your career prospects or a company looking to transform staff with a well-being programme, BrainFiT® can work with you to identify the training needs and develop a programme that works best for you.  


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