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Purchase a NeurOptimal® advanced brain training system and enjoy fully supported training for life

All NeurOptimal® systems come preloaded with the latest software and complete support throughout the lifetime of your Training.


We're here to help you make the right choice 
for you or your business.

BrainFiT® are proud to be official representatives for NeurOptimal® in the UK. We are here to support and guide you through the process of owning a system of your own and to make the journey to purchase as smooth and easy as it can be, starting with helping you choose the bundle that's right for you.

Once you're comfortable with your choice, we'll guide you through the purchase and the financing options available to you. We'll help you manage the delivery and installation of your system and offer lifetime support through your training. 


Whether you're a driven corporate individual looking to increase their efficiency, a clinic owner wanting to offer clients leading-edge brain training, or the family who are searching for a way to improve their own lives and the lives of their children, we have an option for you to improve quality of life.


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Support new and existing client development in your own practice by charging per session. PASS Members also enjoy a free listing on both the worldwide "Find a NeurOptimal® Trainer" page.

Gain the advantage over your competitors with a more efficiently operating and trained brain. We help individuals, teams and sporting organisations get ahead.

Transform staff well-being programmes with a tangible solution that not only supports health and well being of individuals and teams within your business, but maximises the performance of your business too.

Work towards improving brain efficiency and mental fitness with the support of neurofeedback training

There is no limit to how optimised brain function can be advantageous in your career, social life, relationships, family and personal life experience.



Everything you need to train your brain and delivered in a convenient bundle


When you purchase a NeurOptimal® system, you invest in a lifetime of healthy exercise for the brain, with future-proofed cutting-edge neurotechnology that is designed to last. Purchasing a system with unlimited sessions gives you the flexibility to share with your family and friends, and for professional use too with the right level of training. As your brain is always adapting to changes in the environment around you, there will always be a time when you will benefit from the training. NeurOptimal® supports your brain to optimise its function through self-correction so you can get back to being your best you - whatever stage of life you're at and whatever challenges you face.





  • Fully configured Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

  • 1 x zAmp + 2 x USB cables

  • 2 x sets of sensors

  • 2 x sets of earbuds

  • 1 x conductive Ten20 paste

  • 128GB USB Flash Drive

  • Carrying sleeve

  • Includes original music #4 for NeurOptimal®

  • Getting Started manual

  • 1-year ESET antivirus protection

  • 3-months of PASS Preview

  • 500 ZenPoints (non-financed only)

  • FREE access to our Facebook PASS Community page

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go2 Unlimited License 

$10,495 USD

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go2 Limited License (comes with 100 sessions)

$7,995 USD


10 Sessions 

$400 USD

20 Sessions

$500 USD

20 Sessions

$750 USD

20 Sessions

$1,000 USD





  • Fully configured Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Microsoft type cover keyboard

  • 1 x zAmp + 2 x USB cables

  • 2 x sets of sensors

  • 2 x sets of earbuds

  • 1 x conductive Ten20 paste

  • 128GB USB Flash Drive

  • Includes original music #4 for NeurOptimal®

  • Getting Started manual

  • 1-year ESET antivirus protection

  • 3-months of PASS Preview

  • 500 ZenPoints (non-financed only)

  • FREE access tour Facebook PASS Community page

Surface Pro 9 - i5 Unlimited License $10,995.00 USD

$10,995 USD


  • External 21.5 inch LCD Monitor

  • Full 1080p Display

Price Supplied Upon Enquiry


NeurOptimal-Business-Bundle (1).jpg



  • 3 x NeurOptimal® bundles with unlimited licenses

  • 2 x free certifications – with a value of up to $1320

  • 3 x extra sets of sensors & paste – A value of $400

  • 30-month Microsoft warranty on each system

  • 3-months of PASS Preview on each system – (exclusive to these 3 Systems)

  • NeurOptimal® 100 Brochure Pack – A value of $59

  • 48-months 0% financing option available

  • 3 x carry sleeves / 3 x 128gb FlashDrive

  • 3 x Zamps with 2 x usb cables for each Zamp

  • 9 x sets of sensors

  • 6 x sets of earbuds

  • 6 x tubes of Ten20 conductive paste

  • Zen 4 Music

  • 1-year of antivirus protection

  • 1500 Zen Points (equiv - $1500 USD value for future purchases) 

Surface Pro 9 - i5 Unlimited License

$32,985 USD

Surface Laptop Go - i5 Unlimited License 

$31,485 USD


Your purchase will be packed and ready to be shipped within 5 - 7 days from ordering. This handling time ensures the highest level of quality control. Packages generally arrive in under 5 days.

Our Promise to you

When you purchase a system through us, you get dedicated and caring support throughout the whole process, including after care support to help you get the most out of your system. We offer flexible finance packages to have you training immediately and repaying in affordable monthly sums.




Purchasing a system gives you access to a lifetime of training, but we appreciate that paying the full cost upfront can make it difficult. That's why NeurOptimal® offer excellent packages for all professional and personal bundle purchases, including 0% interest for PASS members when you spread the cost over 12 or 24 months. Various options such as low deposit with no interest as a PASS member mean that you can finance your system purchase as best suits your personal needs and preferences.

The application process is incredibly simple, with approvals usually issued within 24 to 48 hours.

Ask us about which financing options will best suit your personal circumstances. With as little as $2750 USD deposit, you can start training sooner than you realise.

PASS Membership


PASS Membership is the single best resource to assist you when using your NeurOptimal® System. Its primary objectives are to educate you with information and webinars, connect you with others in the community through our forums and keep your system running smoothly and avoiding down time. PASS is also key to having access to the PASS Member Referral Program, discounts on future purchases and FREE NeurOptimal® upgrades. New system purchases are accompanied by a 3-month PASS Membership Preview. It is not a requirement to become a PASS Member; however, it offers desirable benefits.

PASS Enterprise has been streamlined for the professional trainer with multiple NeurOptimal® systems. The coverage is fully scalable to support your growing business and includes business-centric benefits such as session management of rental systems and no-hassle loaner systems to keep your ship sailing smoothly.

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