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An optimised brain uses less energy to switch between tasks, which improves productivity, as well as mental, and physical performance. Brain training can help you to feel more calm and relaxed in stressful situations, manage anxiety and provides a deeper focus and greater sense of awareness in the present moment, helping you excel whether it's on stage, in the boardroom, or in competition.

Realise your full potential

Neurofeedback training has been used for decades in top-tier organisations and by professional athletes, artists, and business executives who want to achieve and maintain their edge and unblock creativity. At BrainFiT®, we help individuals and teams achieve their goals and to realise their full potential by training with NeurOptimal®.

The benefits of NeurOptimal® are many and are uniquely and naturally customised to each user. By optimising the brain to perform at peak levels, significant improvements can be achieved in focus, discipline and confidence, performance  anxiety, pain management, overall mental mindset, and much more. Training with NeurOptimal® will help you optimise your overall performance and feel more positive and in control.

Train your body and mind for optimal performance 

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Our body and minds operate in tandem, working together step by step. As an athlete, you train your body day in and day out, building muscle memory and endurance; however, if you fail to focus your mind, a suboptimal performance results.

There are many sports-related performance factors in the brain that can impact overall performance and, as a result, there is a growing realisation amongst athletes, sports psychologists, coaches and trainers of the benefits of neurofeedback. Our NeurOptimal® brain training programme is used by many as a core tool for training, helping with reparation and discipline, performance, perseverance and physical recovery, as well as with life outside of the track and gym.


Increasing focus and productivity in and out the workplace

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When our brains function optimally, we find it easier to perform tasks, which increases productivity and our overall performance. Training your brain improves neural plasticity, which also makes us stronger and more resilient and are able to adapt more easily. 

Neurofeedback helps professionals within the workplace in a many ways. Benefits include:

  • Mental clarity,

  • Improved focus and concentration,

  • Feeling stronger and more resilient, 

  • Faster recall of stored information,

  • Reduced performance anxiety,

  • Improved interactions within teams,

  • Better stress management,

  • Increased productivity,

  • Better able to juggle multiple tasks,

  • Encourages creativity.

Business professionals

Calling all artists, creatives and performers


Singing, acting, dancing and instrumental performances demand dynamic relaxation and total present-moment awareness. Without being able to achieve the relaxation response while in front of an audience, you cannot be spontaneous, easy, have fun or be the incredible performer that you are. Given the natural level of anxiety that performing for a live audience invokes, this level of skilled ease can take years for some performers.

Optimising brain performance can help you reduce anxiety, perform better in the moment and unblock creativity.


*Currently available to clients based in London and the South East

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