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BrainFiT® for Optimal Sports Performance 

Focus your mind for optimal performance

There are many sports related performance factors in the brain that can impact overall performance in a wide variety of athletics, and more and more athletes are becoming aware of the importance of keeping the brain as fit as the body. Many trainers, coaches and individuals have discovered that brain training with NeurOptimal® can provide a mental edge over the competition, allowing you to perform at your very best.


Training the brain has the potential of improving hand and eye coordination, balance, as well as lead to quick error-free decisions achieving high performance.


Added benefits are the ability to “get out of your own way”, better cope with defeat and with the pressure of performance anxiety. NeurOptimal® can help improve mental acuity by increasing focus, calm and confidence, promoting healthy sleep habits, helping you manage stress better and so much more. 

NeurOptimal® is ideal for professional and developing sports men and women - and anyone wishing to gain competitive advantage. 


“If the performances of world-class athletes are separated by hundredths, sometimes thousandths of a second, more strength or flexibility will not help them secure victory. Nor will adding five hours practice to an already grueling weekly schedule. It is tapping the potential of the mind and its intricate connection to the body that will provide the elusive edge” – Rael, Isacowitz, 2006


NeurOptimal: Golf Study

NeurOptimal® Brain training and martial arts

NeurOptimal: Champion kick boxer Ludi Ludivine and Team Si Fight

Runner Track and Field_edited.jpg
Golfer hitting golf

Mastering golf with NeurOptimal®

“The first time I ever picked up a golf club I was a 10 handicap. At the end of the season I was informed I was the most improved player by handicap index. NeurOptimal® is really about helping the CNS just return to present. In the end you really have to own your own rhythm, own your own tempo, and that really means getting back inside to your own experience. With NeurOptimal® the possibilities are endless.”

Dr. Valdeane Brown, Ph.dAvid Golf Player, Creator of NeurOptimal®

BrainFiT® for Peak Business Performance 

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Increasing focus and productivity in the workplace, and out

When our brains function optimally we find it easier to perform tasks which increases productivity and our overall performance. Training your brain improves neural plasticity which also makes us stronger and more resilient as we adapt more easily. 

Neurofeedback helps professionals within the workplace in a many ways, benefits include;

  • Mental clarity

  • Improved focus & concentration

  • Feeling stronger more resilient 

  • Faster recall of stored information

  • Less performance anxiety

  • Improved interactions within teams

  • Better stress management

  • Increased productivity

  • More able to juggle multiple tasks

  • Encourages creativity


Employees are the most important attribute to a company’s success. Fighting off stress, thinking clearly, being productive and having clear focus is crucial for anyone on a team. BrainFiT® Neurofeedback offers a tangible way to manage the mental welling of your staff that not only improves the performance and efficiency of teams but also drives longevity in the work environment by helping individuals to be in the best condition to respond to the pressures they face, and keeping them at their best.


Whether you're an individual hoping to enhance career prospects or a business looking for in-house training or team building, BrainFiT® will work with you to identify the training needs and develop a programme that works best for you, or your organisation.  


BrainFiT® For your best artistic Performance 

Calling all creatives - artists, musicians and performers

Singing, acting, dancing and instrumental performances demand dynamic relaxation and total present moment awareness. Without being able to achieve the Relaxation Response while in front of an audience, you cannot be spontaneous, easy, have fun yourself and masterful.  And this level of skilled ease can take years for some performers given the natural level of anxiety that performing for a live audience provokes.


At some point in ones life every artist risks finding themselves feeling blocked or limited by their internal voice or environment – their creativity blocked but repetitive training can help with the flexibility that we call creativity. It can also give you the ability to confidently access your inner voice and physical reaction, allowing you to display your talent with fluency and finesse.

It may sound overly simple; however, this fully aware, present place of calm and comfort allows performing artists to find that internal place, feeling relaxed and fully present. As an artist, creativity can be defined as being flexible, quick witted, precise and articulate so it’s important to feel calm and relaxed throughout that process. NeurOptimal® is a technology that mathematically mirrors the language of our nervous system, tapping into the ability to use our own language without judgement or fear.

NeurOptimal® trains your brain which can significantly help you ameliorate the self-induced pressure of deadlines and production intensity. Training can help you stay in a productive flow state while exhibiting stamina and exuding confidence. When the clock is ticking and the demands of directors, producers, designers, and peers are swarming around you, this training can help you more easily transcend the stress and tension. NeurOptimal® assists in training our brain to recognise a focused while at ease manner, while at the same time staying resilient to stress. It builds up a well of stamina on which we can rely. You become a calming and yet grounding influence to your colleagues and to your audience. Your ‘calm assertive’ persona allows all around you to be influenced, creating a ripple affect that can be contagious. Be the best artist you can be with NeurOptimal®

Artists & performers
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